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"I want to thank you I received my box today. It smells amazing I cant wiat to use the milk bath probably today I'll tell you how that goes as well you are a true blessing....I will continue to order with you all the way from the Midwest to the south much love."

Valerie Andrews- Facebook

"My home smells amazing. "

Instagram review

"I've recently purchased coastal driftwood candle  & let me tell you by the end of the month I'm going to need a new one! I recently had a cold and this candle opened me up i was sitting in my room and my sinuses started to drain! Number 2 its a soft smelling candle it relaxes you, the smell of the aroma is high and i love it you its not so strong that it makes your head hurt it's perfect ! Thank you DashofSunshine and i can't wait to try my body butter!

Nasha simmons

"In love with my new sage and the smell of this candle thank you "

Instagram review

"I really love this candle i got an event! ive been holding onto it Honestly better than bath and bodyworks. Im about to order more!


"That black love smells amazing"

Nurse Madi Christine

"These candles smell so good."


 Hey hun! My candles ran out and I need to re up and I'm hyoerventilating becuase lavender and sandalwood is soild out. PLEASE HELP! lol"

Instagram review