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How to protect yourself from Coronavirus? Part 2

 The way I see gloves being utilized is cringeworthy. I’ll break it down in the simplest example, now watch: Sarah put on gloves before getting out of the car, touches wallet, pulls out debit card, touches her Kroger cart, keys in her PIN code, touches the cart again, opens her door handle, Puts groceries in the car, touches her steering wheel, finally takes them off at home. But now she touches the grocery bag bare handed, which has the germs from the cart, key pad, door handle, etc. Oh yea, she forgot something now 11 year old Sarah Jr has touched the door handle. 😷🤒🤕
MORAL OF THE STORY: Use gloves when necessary, if you WASH your hands and keep your hands away from mucosal linings while out (mouth, eyes, nose). The way the public uses gloves now, actually carries the risk of transferring the virus more rapidly. 😩🥺

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