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Sage has long been used in rituals of cleansing and purifying a space. As you burn your sage, it is not an act to be taken lightly. Be prepared to receive all that may come of this. It should be done intentionally; prepare a list of what you want to welcome in your life & what you'd like to dissipate. As the smoke feels your space, visualize the things on your list happening. Feel the vibrations, the ones coming and leaving. Enjoy the fragrance and receive what the Universe has for you.

Benefits of smudging with sage:

  • Purifies your space of negative vibrations
  • Draws in positivity
  • Discourages unwanted energies
  • Uplifts low energies

Benefits of rose wrapped sage, includes those lifted above, but the rose petals add these :

  • Attract love
  • Calm senses
  • Encourages peace, compassion, happiness, and positivity
  • Brings good fortune

How to use :

  • Walk around your house, hit all corners
  • Sage a room before meditation
  • Before and after guests enter/exit your home
  • When you are feeling down
  • Before a bath/shower
  • Sage any door opening to your home
  • Sage your body, start from the crown to your feet
  • Sage your yoni, as part of a yoni detox

    **1 order = 1 wrapped sage