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Self Love Bundle
Self Love Bundle

Self Love Bundle

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"You carry so much love in your heart. give some. to yourself". -r.z.

I love the person I am becoming. I believe in myself & my abilities. I deserve all good things. I am powerful, radiant, and enough. I acknowledge my own self worth. I deserve love, respect, honesty, loyalty, and the best.

If you felt any of those affirmations as you read them, this bundle is for you. 

The bundle includes 1 candle, 1 sage bundle, 1 bath soak :

  • Candle for meditation, give "light" to your space, feel your senses with aromas of compassion, love, grounding, peace, and calmness
  • Sage to purify your space, draw in positivity, discourage unwanted energy, increase the good vibrations
  • Bath soak to help soothe your soul, relax your mind, revitalize your skin and glow from the inside out. (The light is in you!)
**Rose petal color and sage bundle wrapping color may vary.