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Hey yall! (Yes, I am a Southern girl lol)  I'm Shaniqua, originally a Florida native but I currently reside in Marietta, GA. I am a Certified Medical Surgical Registered Nurse, with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing from the best University in the land, Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University (better known as FAMU)! 
Dash of Sunshine is my baby! I have always loved ALL things sun related! Being from Florida, the sun, outside, nature, the sun beaming on this melanin has always given me LIFE! I chose to diverge into the world of natural products after having first hand reactions (or no results at all!) or friends that have had negative results from laboratory made retail products. Everyone's skin is not receptive to any and everything put on it! That is just fact... There are different skin types and each type should be uniquely catered to. 
Being the nurse I am, I started researching different natural products essential and beneficial for hair and skin of all types (and the ingredients in them, some VERY TOXIC for women!!). I started LIVING in the Dekalb Farmers Market buying fruits, veggies, and herbs to play with it for my skin and hair. To no avail, it worked! I then ventured into the candle world and how some brand candles we love are super toxic to our respiratory and endocrine systems (we're talking hormonal imbalances, reproductive system side effects!!). From the roots of research, I gave birth to R.U.M. Soy Candle Co. 
Dash of Sunshine is my way of sharing the wonders of pure nature with the world! Well blended, handmade, love-made natural products! 
My goal with every purchase Dash of Sunshine receives is to throw a Dash of Sunshine into your life! Make you smile! Relax you! Nourish you! Make that hair soft and shine! Make you feel good! Release a tantalizing aroma in the room! Make you forget about whatever things aren't producing good vibes in  your life! Help that melanin glow!
Dash of Sunshine will promote good vibes only! I promise! 
Remember to smile daily and shine your light all the time!